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Placing live bets means you make wagers during the match already in progress. How things develop during the match affects the bookmaker’s odds. With live betting, you can place your stake on, for example, the player who will score a point faster or the team that will receive a yellow card first.

Below, we discuss the common disciplines for in-play wagers, the main types of live bets, their advantages, and the best place for making in-play stakes.


Which Sports Can You Bet on In-Game?


We recommend that you bet on events from disciplines you know well and can analyze to avoid losing control over your betting. The most common disciplines for in-game betting are football, tennis, basketball, baseball, formula 1, hockey, and soccer. Each discipline is specific, and before placing your bets on a live match, it is worth getting to know the features of betting on popular sports. Most sports in the pre-match betting offer are also usually present in the live offer.

Main Types of Live Bets

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of in-game bets.


Football Game

  • Who will score the next goal?
  • Who will win part of the match?
  • When will the next goal be scored?
  • How many goals are left until the end of the match?


  • Will there be a game to zero?
  • Will there be a set to zero?
  • Who will play the ace next?
  • Winner of the next game
  • Winner of the next set
  • 2nd set — number of games
  • 2nd set 3rd game-winner


  • Who will win the rest of the match?
  • Who will score the next goal?
  • What will happen next?
  • What will be the following goal range?


  • Will there be more points in the 2nd quarter than in the 1st?
  • Match result from the 2nd quarter — who will be better?
  • Which team will hit the next three-pointer?

These are just a few available in-play betting markets. We also recommend you check the top sports betting influencers list to make profitable wagers.

What Are the Benefits of Live Sports Betting?

The main advantages of in-game betting are the following:

  • it allows you to react quickly to what happens during the match;
  • it offers quick outcomes: you can know whether your bet wins or loses in a matter of minutes;
  • you get more excitement from such a form of betting.

Where Can I Place In-Game Bets?

The best place for live betting is the Bambet online sportsbook, which allows for real-time wagers on all its sports. While you may only sometimes bet on all of them, the most popular sports are available for live wagering at all times. Bambet’s main benefits include:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Simple registration process
  • Odds are updated in real-time
  • Secure payment options
  • Varied betting markets
  • Generous bonuses

Register for an account at Bambet and enjoy the highest odds on multiple events.


We’ve covered the most popular sports and betting markets for in-play wagering. Live betting can bring you much fun and profit if you learn to pick the right moment to place a bet. Try placing in-game stakes at the Bambet sportsbook, claim your bonus, and enjoy the wide range of betting markets on multiple sports.

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